Monday, February 6, 2012

Ms. Andrews

- I think she acts weird, she is too young to be living with that cat of her!

The Robinsons broke inside her house, it was scary dark. They couldn't see anything. They stopped by the door for a couple seconds, he looked at her and whispered:

- I think she was right, something is wrong. Don't turn the lights on! Try to get used with the dark.
They kept walking and couldn't find her, she was gone. Mrs Robinson asked whispering:
-Can we leave now? I don't wanna be here anymore, all this dark and this creepy smell. Let's go! So we can call 911.
-OK. We can go and call.They left and called the cops. They came looked for her everywhere and couldn't find her. They asked The Robinsons to go the Department and they told them what had happened.
Ms Andrews used to go for a walk in the beginning of the evening, everyday. She walked in the neighborhood. She loved everybody there, they were all really friendly.
That evening was different she got a little late. It was a warm day. She wanted to walk further but she knew it's gonna get dark soon. For a little while now she got this weird feeling that she was being watching all the time and specially during her walks. Even though she kept her routine.
She pat her cat, and left. The Robson's, her neighbors next door, were outside:
- Hello MsAndrews! Have a nice evening.
- Thanks! Have a wonderful evening all of you!
And she kept walking, talking to the neighbors and feeling somebody watching her all the time. She thought it was just the neighbors. And she had to remind herself to call her sister as soon as she got back home, to see if she is coming for the weekend. And she just kept walking. And when she realized it was dark. She had to go home now. All the families were inside having dinner and enjoying their families that was the only time of the day she didn't like to be by herself.
She started walking faster and she heard somebody behind her, she looked over her shoulders and she saw a shade moving to the bushes. She tried to walk faster but faster would be running, she thought it was silly, it was probably a cat or something like that.
Now she could see her a house, she had to walk just two blocks. When she heard again, this time it was closer to her. Now she didn't think it was silly she just started running to her house. when she get in front of her yard she saw. A huge guy standing right next to her. She rushed inside and get her phone. She saw his figure by the kitchen door, she went to her room and one more time grabbed the phone and called The Robinson's, she said in a scared tone:
- There was someone following me during my walk. And now he is here. Help me!
-Ms Andrews, It's OK - said Mr Robinson - We're in our way.
Mr. Robinson hung up the phone looked to his wife and said:
- Let's go to Ms Andrews. She is scared with something. She said someone was following her during her walk and now he is in there.

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