Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Special Brazilian Dish

Feijoada is a historical and ethnic food in Brazil. It's a kind of a stew that is made with black beans, pork, three kinds of sausage, bacon, beef, seasoning and spices. In addition, it's usually served with rice, kale, and sometimes a hot sauce made with some of the broth from it. It's historical because, at first, people believed it was created by the African slaves. It was a well known that the slaves owners gave them some parts of the pork and they cooked all together with beans.  Nowadays, it's known that it is an adaptation of an European dish. It's also know that the owners and slaves probably ate the same kind of food. The memory of the African slaves makes Feijoada an ethnic food. Feijoada is a very popular dish among Brazilian. One of the factors that makes Feijoada an important dish in Brazil is that is made with beans - the every day food in Brazil are rice and beans. Beans are present in most of Brazilian families tables on the every day bases, there are other Brazilian recipes which have as base beans.  Feijoada is served in restaurants, friends and families gathering, parties... This dish can represent Brazil because its unique flavor, ingredients, and origin. Like Brazilian, Feijoada is a mixture of cultural, and ethnic characteristics put together. It normally has a strong flavor, but one can find different versions of it. In some states in the country, it's added to the stew some vegetables that might be lacking some of the meat and sausage. Feijoada is then a Brazilian food, that represents very well Brazilian people, Brazilian culture, and Brazilian history not only because it's made out of beans but also because it's tasty and warm.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Friends and Fun!

I was talking to a friend a while ago and she was telling me about her weekends. How fun was to get drunk and so on. While I was talking to her I started writing in my mind (and on a piece of paper) this post. You can see all over the world problems that come from this little "fun". TO GET DRUNK!!

Just look it up. You will find many accidents, relationships that ended, fights, people hurting each other, and many other consequences... You don't even have to look it up I believe everybody knows someone that knows someone who lost someone, or know someone who has problems with alcohol.

I was listening to my friend weekend and I started thinking about how I usually like to spend my time with my friends. I like to hang out. I remember I enjoy playing cards or a game board with my family, friends.

I remember once we played a game for hours and by the end of the night everybody was happy. Nobody had a single drink. (Look at  the pictures. Do you think it was a fun night?)

I know this is an exception nowadays fun for people like that friend is to get drunk. I miss having more friends that enjoy to have fun with a deck or game. The worst of it is the new generation doesn't know how to have fun without drinking. They don't know how to start a conversation or how to keep it. Unless they are drinking...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Short Poem

Teachers are not
bad creatures!
But Sometimes,
They can be MAD!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Family

John had three kids when he met Alex. He was going through a tough time. Alex tried to help him but it was complicated.
They were madly in love but it took a while form them to get together because of everything that was going on with them.
When that finally happened they became inseparable. They would have lunch together every day. They would drive each other for work; pick up the kids from school. After a while she got pregnant, they had twins. Their life became crazy, even though they were really happy. After a year or so that had another baby.
Life wasn't easy but they knew now they were together. They were happy and they were dealing with everything together...

Just something I wrote!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What have you been doing?

During a training I'm doing the teacher showed the class a video. There are things in life we don't think about. We go out and buy things, we go to work. In the end of the day we don't see how things influence us all the time.

The video is about how the stuff works in the society, how the government and companies make everybody do what they need us to do. And how we don't stop to think why we do some things.
Could anyone tell me how you had chosen what you are wearing right now? How you choose your lunch every day? Maybe the video will help you to think a little about it. And I hope it change a little what you do in your free time and why. How Stuff Works