Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Special Brazilian Dish

Feijoada is a historical and ethnic food in Brazil. It's a kind of a stew that is made with black beans, pork, three kinds of sausage, bacon, beef, seasoning and spices. In addition, it's usually served with rice, kale, and sometimes a hot sauce made with some of the broth from it. It's historical because, at first, people believed it was created by the African slaves. It was a well known that the slaves owners gave them some parts of the pork and they cooked all together with beans.  Nowadays, it's known that it is an adaptation of an European dish. It's also know that the owners and slaves probably ate the same kind of food. The memory of the African slaves makes Feijoada an ethnic food. Feijoada is a very popular dish among Brazilian. One of the factors that makes Feijoada an important dish in Brazil is that is made with beans - the every day food in Brazil are rice and beans. Beans are present in most of Brazilian families tables on the every day bases, there are other Brazilian recipes which have as base beans.  Feijoada is served in restaurants, friends and families gathering, parties... This dish can represent Brazil because its unique flavor, ingredients, and origin. Like Brazilian, Feijoada is a mixture of cultural, and ethnic characteristics put together. It normally has a strong flavor, but one can find different versions of it. In some states in the country, it's added to the stew some vegetables that might be lacking some of the meat and sausage. Feijoada is then a Brazilian food, that represents very well Brazilian people, Brazilian culture, and Brazilian history not only because it's made out of beans but also because it's tasty and warm.