Saturday, August 20, 2011

What happen to her?

Monica and Cebolinha were a perfect couple. They were friends in the childhood. They started dating on high school and went to college as fiancé
In their last year in college Monica began to change. Earlier that year she would say to him, she wasn’t feeling good and then she had a test or something to do in the library after a little while, she told him she still loving him but she had met somebody else who changed her.
It was Leonardo. She met him in a class. He is smart, sweet and romantic. They’ve been hanging out since them. But she realized she is in love.
Then they started dating and when the year was over, they decided to go in an around world trip. So they can spend more time together.

PS: just a short story I wrote a while ago! :-)


  1. Good story--I thought you were writing about friends of yours! I'm reading State of Wonder by Ann Patchett about pharmaceutical researchers in the Amazon, so far it's very beautifully written and the excitement is growing. She is a wonderful writer. I wonder if it has ben translated and pub. there?

  2. Hey, thanks! It was something I did about a couple of Brazilian characters. I don't know about the book you are reading I'll try to find it.Thanks