Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Why Whatever?

Just because I'm going to write about whatever is in my mind. I can tell most of the time it will be about what I'm watching, reading or thinking.
If you are wondering why a Brazilian girl is starting a blog in English. It's because I lived in the US for 2 almost 2 years and I always liked writing and that's the way I found to keep writing in English.
After all my writing classes, I decided I would start this blog (thanks Mary and Susan).
Hope hear from you ...


  1. This is great!!!! I like "Whatever" because you can write about anything. When do you leave for Brazil? Or are you home now? If you ever need a reference, contact me! I still smile remembering our final creativity class and our amazing creations!

  2. Thanks!! I'm already in Brazil. I'll let you know if I need. I'm looking for jobs and trying to start a course in translations right now.